Friday, August 3, 2012

Ballreich's Potato Chips - Cheddar and Sour Cream

This is my second flavor of Ballreich's potato chips. The first, sour cream and onion, was a major winner.

The cheddar and sour cream chips are finger-licking good. You can see all of the flavoring in the picture below. Don't fear, it's not overwhelming like if you'd bite into a block of cheddar cheese dipped in sour cream. It's smooth, with a little sharp cheddar kick.

Like all of Ballreich's chips, these are thick, marcelled (wavy), and seasoned well. You can still taste the potato. And they hold up great to dip, bouncing around in the back of your car, or at a family get-together.

Ballreich's makes a bunch of other kinds of snacks besides potato chips. I'll definitely put them on my list of things to try!

Other flavors of Ballreich's potato chips I've tried:

 Sour cream and Onion

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