Saturday, July 7, 2012

Yat's Cajun Creole Restaurant, Indianapolis, Indiana

We love Yat's. It's right by our house, has great food and staff, and a constantly rotating menu. Not long ago we grabbed an order to go to the park. This last week, we stopped by and ate in the restaurant. We got there early (rumors are that you might want to get there early to get their famous spinach and mushroom étouffée).

Anita ordered two half platters. One half of spinach and mushroom étouffée, and one half of red beans and rice. Each platter comes with a piece of bread, which makes for excellent soppin'. The soppin' is one of the best parts since all of the sauces at Yat's are absolutely delicious. Anita loved her lunch.

I also had the spinach and mushroom étouffée, along with a half order of chili cheese étouffée and crawfish. The crawfish étouffée is insanely good. In fact, I'm swinging by Yat's next week to get some more. I think I might try it over French bread... sort of a crawfish po'boy. Oh, and that chili cheese sauce? Yep you guessed it. It's excellent for soppin' up with bread. And there's no shortage of crawfish in this dish. Mmmm. Tasty. My mouth is watering recalling just how good it was.

It's great to see local joints do well and turn out great food. Yat's is definitely doing both.

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