Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2011 Ohio Renaissance Festival

Anita and I drove over to the Ohio Renaissance Festival last Saturday. Its about a 2 1/2 hour drive from here. We took mostly back roads, something we prefer to do when we aren't in a hurry to get somewhere. We left early so we would get there just as the festival opened at 10:30 am (and we highly recommend getting there early because it did get crowded as the day went on).

This was Anita's first time at a renaissance festival. I have been to the Maryland and Texas festivals, but that was years ago. Anita loved it. By the end of the day she was already planning for our return visit, but coming in costume the next time.

The festival is an absolute joy. There are crafts, and acts, and people in costume, rides for the kids, games, and music... Fun for the entire family! And speaking of food, you have to get a turkey leg. It's the proper heathen thing to do. They're really good and fun to eat. There are plenty of places to get food and drink.

There are lots of great shows at the festival. All of the actors are great, and really funny. You cannot pass up a show at the Muditorium. These guys are absolutely hilarious. And just a warning, if you sit in the first 5 or 6 rows..... Well, it is a Muditorium, so you can guess what's going to happen!

The audience gets very much into the show. Here, one of the actors sits in the crowd after borrowing a lady's sunglasses.

The shows are free, but most will pass around a hat or ask for contributions. They're worth a few bucks. Oh, and if you get mud on you at the muditorium you get $1 off the purchase of a t-shirt!

There are stage shows, pirate ship shows, and many, many others.

Actors are everywhere, but sometimes even pirates need a break. That's why there's a Pirate Stop, of course.

Musicians, town drunks, crazy people in trees...

And hundreds of shops. There are lots of great crafts. Some expensive, and some very inexpensive.

And there are lots of games, from tomato toss to archery. Even animal rides for the kids.

Another must-see is the jousting. We caught the early show. Here, the Queen's entourage heads towards the arena.

Her Majesty the Queen, presiding over the jousting.

The jousting is full-contact. Those are real lances.

At the end of our stay, we stopped and enjoyed Albannach, a Scottish band that totally rocked. Everyone really enjoyed their music.

Last, I couldn't help but capture a Friar hitting the ATM. It struck me as funny somehow.

A trip to the Ohio Renaissance Festival is a real joy. We can't wait to return next year!

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