Saturday, June 16, 2012

Crystal Bridges Museum - Part 2

This is my second post on the Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville, Arkansas. You can find my first post here, along with a brief introduction to the museum.

Joseph Stella's Red Flower, 1929:

George Tooker's Ward, 1971:

Tom Wesselmann's Smoker #9, 1973:

Louise Nevelson's Night Zag Wall, 1969-1974:

Lynda Benglis' Eat Meat, 1969, 1975:

Kara Walker, A Warm Summer Evening in 1863, 2008:

Neil G. Welliver's Snow on Alden Brook, 1983:

George Dombek's A Few Water Drops, 2008:

One of two paintings from Andrew Wyth:

Alfonso A. Ossorio's Dream, 1947:

Edward Hopper's Roofs of the Cobb Barn, 1931:

Charles Bird King's Wai-Kee Chee, Sanky Chief, Crouching Eagle, 1824, and Otto Half Chief, Husband of Eagle of Delight, 1822:

Karl Bodmer's Massika, Saki Indian, Wakusasse, Musquake Indian, 1832-1834:

Wayne Thiebaud's Supine Woman, 1963:

Gene Davis' Black Balloon, 1964:

Stuart Davis' Breakfast Table, 1917:

Oscar Bluemner's Motive of Space and Form - A New Jersey Village, 1915:

Jacques Lipchitz's Marsden Harley Sleeping, 1942:

Jim Dine's Walking to Boras, 2006:

Alexander Calder's Trois noirs sur un Rouge, 1968:

Joan Mitchell, untitled, 1952-1953:

Jasper John's Alphabets, 1960-1962:

Andy Warhol's Dolly Parton, 1985:

Marisol's Portrait of Martha Graham, 1977:

Amazing... looks like a photograph, doesn't it? Rudolph Stingel, untitled, 2006:

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