Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Eureka Springs Arkansas

Anita and I just returned from a quick trip down to Northwest Arkansas. Although I lived in Fayetteville for 7 years, I never made it over to Eureka Springs, so this time we decided to spend a night there and do a little shopping, eating, and people watching. Eureka Springs is an interesting town, with lots to do for the family or just couples like us!

Eureka Springs is sort of a resort village with Victorian-style buildings on very steep and winding streets. There are shops and restaurants a-plenty.

We stayed at the Basin Park Hotel because it is located in the center of the town, and because well, it's awesome. The hotel was built in 1905, so don't expect some cookie-cutter generic concrete chain hotel. Here's the hotel, on the left. I told you the streets were hilly and winding!

The staff was friendly and rooms are quite nice.

The hotel also has a nice bar and restaurant with a balcony that is great for people watching.

Shops and hotels...

... and artists and musicians. Actually, many of the bars had live music. Good live music!

We stopped at the nut and candy store and went.... well, nuts!

Later that evening, we walked up to the Rowdy Beaver bar and restaurant (which also has other locations) for drinks. There was an excellent little band, Runnin on Empty, playing. Phil McGarrah and Jackie Harris were both great guitar players and singers, and they were funny to boot!

As we sat, many interesting people passed by. So did some really cool cars and lots of motorcycles.

We had a great time in Eureka Springs. It reminded me a lot of Nashville here in Indiana, but with more shops and restaurants and live music.

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