Saturday, September 17, 2011

Andre's BBQ, Indianapolis

Anita and I were driving down Pendleton Pike here in Indy the other day when we came across this trailer off the side of the road, with Andre's BBQ and Seafood written on the side. There were several smokers going out front, and you could smell that lovely smell of hickory burning. We were on our way to somewhere else and we didn't have time to stop, but I vowed to return.

So earlier this week I drove on down to Andre's BBQ trailer and ordered the pulled pork sandwich and the red beans and rice. I brought it on home and chowed down on some of the best food around. The pulled pork was tender and smoked just like I like it. Instead of your traditional ketchup- or mustard-based sauce, I think the sauce is more brothy, with some good Creole heat (and not too much of it). The red beans and rice were to die for. There's a bit of smoked sausage in the rice that really puts it over the top.

I chatted for a bit with Andre. He's a great guy (from Haiti via Miami) who is really passionate about his food, and it shows. I really like the creole flavors he brings to his food. It's a nice change from what I would call traditional southern BBQ and sides. He let me sample some Cajun corn while I was waiting, and I tell you, that corn is insanely good. I can't wait to return and try the chicken, or turkey... or ribs.

Today, I took Anita with me to meet Andre and pick up some more pulled pork sandwiches. This time I got red beans and rice and Cajun corn as my sides. Anita got the Caribbean rice and the mac-and-cheese. Again, the sandwiches were great, and the sides were just to die for. This time we got a sample of greens while we were waiting. No question about it, I'm getting greens as my side next time!

Andre's is on Pendleton Pike, just northeast of Post Road. It's on the south side of the road, just passed the Value Place hotel, beneath a large billboard. You'll see the smokers, catering truck and the trailer, where you place your order. And tell Andre Hi!


Anonymous said...

I have loved Andre's since my fiance introduced me to him 2 years ago. Best bbq in Indy

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry..I went there for the first time today May 19 2012. I didn't smell anything but saw and witnessed plenty. The staff is very a trio of unprofessional attitude filled youngsters. Disgraceful.. This will never make it to the top because it's poorly managed and supervised. The people that work there weren't knowledgeable or helpful. They aren't selling this product. Trust me it isn't that good where want to put up with ignorance. Famous Dave's might be better. One young lady came to work filthy nasty pants on and got her a orange soda and went inside the trailer...which is by the way dirty in and out. Now the ribs I brought a slab they were cold and the sauce was nothing to write home about, it was watered down. No grill nothing special only St.Louis no baby backs and no plantain and he's Caribbean decedent and Miami bred. Not impressed.

Hungryman said...

Always a hater!! Andres is good and he blesses young students to make money while in school!! You are just a picky little judgemental person that pulled into the drive way looking for things that were wrong.. I don't know about you.. But I've never been to a perfect restaurant.. So stop hating on a good man and get a life... At least compliment SOMETHING before completely bashing business and good name... Thank YOU.. Sincerely, FROM ANOTHER SATISIFIED CUSTOMER

Mister B said...

Always easy to be a critic... you have nothing invested. I thoroughly enjoyed the food. I agree with the awesome alternative to the typical barbeque. The red beans and rice was amazing. The deep fried corn left you wanting more. Its a trailer and the food is cooked outside in a pit... dont go there expecting a waiter in tails. Expect really good creole food.

Anonymous said...

Andre's where u been? Last time i had some was yall was on pendleton pike close to 46th.Me an my wifey been wondering bout cha..Last night she spotted a comin soon on Keystone across from Mr Dans that true?Good food..Finally a place we can take visiters thats different...Will be messin with you all soon..

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