Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bazbeaux Pizza

Anita has been yearning for pizza for a bit now. Normally, I'd fire up the grill and just make one on there, but I decided that we'd go out instead.

We wandered on over to Bazbeaux Pizza in Carmel. They are very highly rated, and often touted as the best pizza in Indy.

For starters we each ordered a small side salad. For me, a Greek salad, while Anita ordered the spinach salad. We both had the house vinaigrette. The salads were very fresh, well made, and really excellent. Honestly, I'd go back just for a salad.

We ordered a 12" pizza on thin white crust. For the toppings, Italian sausage, roasted red pepper, and red onion. The pizza arrived quickly and we dug in. And oh, how it was sooooo good! The crust was perfect! Thin and crunchy! The sauce and toppings and cheese were also great.

We'd return to this place in a heartbeat. They are located right on the Monon Trail, so this spring (if it ever decides to warm up), we'll ride our bikes up the trail and take a break and enjoy some of the great pizza at Bazbeaux's!

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