Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Izzy's, Forest Park Ohio

We took a Saturday drive over to northern Cincinnati for a day of shopping at Jungle Jim's (aka Foodie Heaven). We decided to swing by Izzy's for lunch. Izzy's claims to have the world's best Reuben sandwiches. As a Reuben addict I couldn't pass it up.

This particular Izzy's is in a pretty unassuming small strip mall.

I ordered their signature grilled Reuben, which comes with a massive and really, really good potato pancake. The corned beef was perfect. It was a really tasty good sandwich. For me, the more napkins you need to eat a Reuben, the better it is, and I used plenty.

Anita had the turkey Reuben on a rye roll, which she said was very good also. We both agreed that the potato pancake was very addicting.

I can't wait to return to Izzy's to try some of their other Reubens!

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