Saturday, June 18, 2011

Columbus Zoo, Part 1

Anita and I took a few days off and went to Ohio. We decided to spend one of those days at the Columbus Zoo. We'd never been there before.

It was an usually hot day, and the park was quite crowded. Fortunately, many of the walking paths are shaded and there was a light breeze so it was actually very comfortable. The zoo is also very well designed for easy walking. You don't really need a map.

Some of the bigger animals weren't enjoying the heat so much. Several of them were hiding in the shade or lying beneath the trees.

Here are some of our favorite pictures we took around the zoo.

The kangaroos were enjoying the shade.

The kangaroo exhibit is nice in that you walk among the kangaroos. There aren't any fences or walls between you and the animals.

Tiger getting a drink of cool water.

A kid at this exhibit called the cat the 'mad Garfield.'

Flamingos hanging out.

The bears were out early. We made sure to swing by the larger animals first before it got too hot.

The most bizarre looking squirrel I've ever seen. Definitely not like the squirrels in our yard.

Good day to hang out in the shade, just like this alligator was.

A kid in front of us called this 'half zebra, half giraffe and half gazelle'. He got the giraffe part right as the okapi is related to giraffes.

The penguins had the right idea. Stay in the cool water.

They have some great monkey, ape and gorilla exhibits.

Koala bear hanging out.

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