Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sauces from Hawgeyes BBQ

About once or twice a year I back up the truck on some BBQ sauces, which I order from Hawgeyes BBQ. Hawgeyes has a tremendous selection of sauces, spices, rubs, you name it... anything grill or smoker related.

From left to right:

Big Bob Gibson White BBQ sauce. I've made my own white sauce before, but I thought I'd try the original out for a change. I can't wait to roast or smoke up a chicken and dip it in this sauce!

Grandma Foster's Smooth and Spicy. My go-to sauce for ribs. A little kick, and a little chunky.

Blues Hog Tennessee Red. I have quite a few bottles of Blues Hog Original on hand, so I thought I'd try the Tennessee Red. I've heard that mixing the two together results in an outstanding sauce.

Russ & Franks Fiery and Russ & Franks Sassy. Great, smooth sauces for ribs or pulled pork. A little kick, but not much.

Blues Hog Smokey Mountain Sauce. I've never tried this sauce, but with a hint of smoke, I'm thinking it'll rock on some pulled pork.

Shigs In Pits BBQ Sauce. Everyone raves about this sauce, so I figured I'd grab some and try it out.

The Slabs Sauce. I can't wait to smoke up some ribs and slather them with this sauce!

So, a mix of tried and proven with a few new sauces. Makes me want to fire up the smoker today!

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